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  Free flight tracking, with
Zoomable flight tracking maps
3D Interface with Google Earth
Access past flight history
Photos, ATC audio feeds, notes

Flightwise is the most advanced free flight tracker on the Internet.  Quickly access tracking data for any aircraft or flight on an IFR flight plan with a fast, efficient interface that lets you get to the information you need quickly.  Pull up detailed specifics on any of the last 10 flights, or subscribe to our premium flight tracking services for access to our long-term archives with data from as early as November of 2001.  Track single flights or entire fleets.

Stay on top of aircraft movements at all times with Flightwise Flight Alerts; with the most extensive capabilities in the industry, users can receive text alerts to their cell phones or email to notify them of departures, arrivals, and even flight plans.  Use Twitter to broadcast alerts on aircraft movement.   Get beeped everytime an aircraft departs for your facility, or find out when a flight is 15 minutes out.  You can even have Flightwise place a voice phone call to alert users and VIP's to aircraft movements.

In addition to the extensive flight tracking features, Flightwise has a number of other features that are all interwoven and tightly integrated, providing an amazing utility for the aviation community.  Our free flight planning engine allows users to quickly create and access flight plans online.  Store them online and file them whenever you're ready; print out approach charts, get aviation weather including textual Digital ATIS, and you're ready for takeoff.

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