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Flightwise FlightPlanner & Chart Explorer is an aviation application designed for pilots. With it, you can create and file flight plans, view aviation charts and weather, and lookup airport information.

FlightPlanner has both VFR and IFR Enroute (low-altitude and high-altitude) charts, and allows overlays with aviation-specific conditions, including AIRMETs, SIGMETs, PIREPs, TFRs, and echo tops. It also includes general-purpose weather radar and wind speed maps.

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Flightwise is the most advanced free flight tracker on the Internet. Quickly access tracking data for any aircraft or flight on an IFR flight plan with a fast, efficient interface that lets you get to the information you need quickly.

Pull up detailed specifics on any of the last 10 flights, or subscribe to our premium flight tracking services for access to our long-term archives with data from as early as November of 2001. Track single flights or entire fleets. Read More Details

Now Arriving is a simple app that tracks the status of an arriving flight and allows you to plan your time to the airport! It's quick, simple interface allows you to enter in a known flight ID, and the app will instantly pull up details of its arrival, including estimated arrival time, and estimated drive time to the airport given your current location.

Now Arriving currently only works in the United States.

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