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3D Flight Tracking

(requires Google Earth)

Check out live flight tracking for these major airports in 3D using Google Earth!
(LAX) Los Angeles Int
(BOS) Boston's Logan Int
(ORD) Chicago O'Hare
(ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield
(JFK) JFK International
(MIA) Miami International
(SEA) Seattle/Tacoma
(SFO) San Francisco Int

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Busiest Airports


Airport# ArrivalsNext In LineETAStatus
JFK JOHN F KENNEDY INTL 60 arrivals, 33 last hr   SWR16 4:14 AM EDT
EGLL HEATHROW 48 arrivals, 3 last hr   BAW98 8:14 AM GMT
ATL HARTSFIELD - JACKSON ATLANTA... 30 arrivals, 15 last hr   DAL55 5:02 AM EDT
ORD CHICAGO O'HARE INTL 26 arrivals, 8 last hr   UAL2060 4:10 AM CDT
EWR NEWARK LIBERTY INTL 21 arrivals, 11 last hr   UAL83 4:21 AM EDT
CYYZ LESTER B. PEARSON INTL 19 arrivals, 7 last hr   ACA873 4:14 AM EDT
EHAM SCHIPHOL 17 arrivals, 3 last hr   KLM954 8:14 AM GMT
BOS GENERAL EDWARD LAWRENCE LOGA... 16 arrivals, 12 last hr   JBU602 4:51 AM EDT
MIA MIAMI INTL 15 arrivals, 7 last hr   AAL912 4:18 AM EDT
CLT CHARLOTTE/DOUGLAS INTL 14 arrivals, 7 last hr   AWE448 5:21 AM EDT
IAD WASHINGTON DULLES INTL 14 arrivals, 6 last hr   JBU202 5:03 AM EDT
DFW DALLAS/FORT WORTH INTL 13 arrivals, 4 last hr   KAL243 3:50 AM CDT
LFPG CHARLES DE GAULLE 12 arrivals, 1 last hr   ICE542 8:14 AM GMT
IAH GEORGE BUSH INTERCONTINENTAL... 11 arrivals, 4 last hr   UAL1719 4:28 AM CDT
EIDW DUBLIN 11 arrivals, 1 last hr   REA263B 8:16 AM GMT
FLL FORT LAUDERDALE/HOLLYWOOD IN... 10 arrivals, 9 last hr   N402NK 4:14 AM EDT
DTW DETROIT METROPOLITAN WAYNE C... 10 arrivals, 6 last hr   PKW659 4:28 AM EDT
EGKK GATWICK 10 arrivals, 0 last hr   EZY8716 8:14 AM GMT
PHL PHILADELPHIA INTL 9 arrivals, 6 last hr   AWE797 4:43 AM EDT
LAX LOS ANGELES INTL 9 arrivals, 1 last hr   MAA6864 1:18 AM PDT

What is Flightwise?

...and what can it do for you?  In a nutshell:

...and a lot more.  But you'd have to explore the site to find out!  Essentially, Flightwise is an aviation solutions website.  It links pilots, FBOs, and Aviation enthusiasts alike - together, online, and services both sides of the coin.

Flightwise is a web site for pilots of all kinds.  It allows them to obtain detailed information on airports, their runways, frequencies and services available, navaids, airways, intersections, and other parts of the US National Airspace System.  In addition to providing this information, it also allows users to create and store frequently used flight plans, and allows you to file them with the FAA automatically. 

FBOs and other on- or near-field services can benefit from Flightwise in a number of ways.  First and foremost, by listing their FBO with the site, they can advertise their services and attract valuable traffic to their facilities.

In addition, FBOs (as well as pilots) can track flights that are on an IFR flight plan;  the Airport Summary feature allows FBOs to see which flights are due inbound, when they will arrive, what type of aircraft they are, and where it is currently located at any given moment - a great help for FBO line crews and staff.

For Developers

Flightwise provides an excellent, low-cost Flight Tracking API, PlaneXML!  Access near-real time flight data as well as historical flight data, and integrate it with your own custom application.

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