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IFR pilots; don't waste another minute making those tedious logbook entries! Thanks to a new, patent-pending feature from, you can have those logbook entries automatically generated for you!

how does it work?

Using the same flight tracking data uses to track flights for users, we can determine your origin and destination airports, cross country time, distances, night-time flights, multi- and single- engine flight time, and even if you've done an instrument approach, based on the weather conditions at the airfield at the time of your arrival!

is it foolproof?

Nope! But will generate the logbook entries, use our back-end wizardy to calculate the various fields, and then display the entries and allow any last-minute edits. It will highlight any fields to let you know where we could be off and where verification is necessary.

With the single click of a button, your entries are then added to your permanent logbook!

and now, the details...

Since the service functions by processing flight tracking details, the automatic logbook entries can only work for flights with filed IFR flight plans. You tell which tail numbers or flight identifiers that you would like to enable the logging for. From the Pilots Logbook menu, select the "Auto-logging Setup" function, and add a tail number or flight identifier, such as N12345. You can add as many as you like.

Even though you add the tail number/flight ID, not EVERY flight is logged. In order for the flight to be recorded and logged, you need to create and file your flight plan through This process is what triggers the system to watch for the flight tracking data to come through, and logs it accordingly. (In the future, we plan to develop the system so that filing through is not necessary).

You fly your flights as you would normally, and then when you've logged into the website and you go back to the Pilots Logbook section, you'll see a message at the top of the menu that looks like this:

You have 2 AutoLogbook entries waiting to be processed. Click here to process them.

(...or however many entries you may have pending) Clicking on the "here" link pulls up the confirmation screen:

Simply verify the information on screen, make any changes necessary, and then click the "Save" button next to each entry that's ready-to-go.  It's that easy!

Additional questions?  Contact Customer Service and leave us a message...!

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