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Quick Logbook Entry
The easiest data entry method, an easy way to make a quick-and-dirty, basic logbook entry. Automatically computes proper hour types (SEL, MEL, SES, etc) based off of tail number.
 View/Edit/Add to your logbook
Allows you to add, edit and display your online logbook entries. Use this method if your entry requires greater control of the details.
Display Logbook Summary
Summarizes logbook entries by Category, Type, Engine Type, and Aircraft Model type.
 Download Logbook in MS Excel
Allows you to download a copy of your logbook to your computer in the format of a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Auto-logging Setup BETA
Configure which tail numbers or Flight ID's should generate Auto Logbook entries for. What is Auto-Logging?

 MyFlightMap NEW
Maps out all of the flights you've made in your logbook; great for bloggers!
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